A milestone in the construction of Dulux's Gracefield site

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15 May 2016
A milestone in the construction of Dulux's Gracefield site

Today’s installation of a 60 meter pipe bridge, weighing a hefty 15 tonnes, marks the end of the first stage of construction of paint manufacturer Dulux’s new site in Gracefield, Hutt City – two weeks ahead of schedule.

In a challenging exercise for the crane operators, the entire 60 metre pipe bridge was slotted into place on six support legs in a single lift, using the coordinated effort of three cranes.

What made the exercise particularly complicated was the number of piping services that run across the bridge. The 60m span supports 1km of pipework in a 1.5m2 cross section and weighs a total of 15 tonnes.

Once operational, the pipe bridge will transfer 200,000L of acrylic latex every week.

With roading improvements also in place, the next step will be to move ten 50-60,000L tanks to the new tank farm.

“We’re delighted with the progress,” said Dulux New Zealand General Manager Patrick Jones. “With stage one almost complete, we can see our investment in local manufacturing really starting to take shape.”

Dulux is investing significantly to expand and reconfigure its water-based paint manufacturing operation for better traffic management, safety and logistics.

Construction of the new plant, part of its $28 million investment in its Hutt Valley-based manufacturing operation, will continue in four stages until late-2011.

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