An exciting new umbrella brand launched by Pacific Wallcoverings

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15 May 2016
An exciting new umbrella brand launched by Pacific Wallcoverings

Today marks an important milestone in the evolution of Pacific Wallcoverings Ltd with the launch of our new brand - Aspiring Walls.

“Aspiring Walls is the new ‘umbrella brand’ that we are bringing to the market to sit above all of the brands in our portfolio. It is a brand that won’t be attached to a particular range of wallcoverings, rather, it will represent the company that is bringing the wallcovering to the market”, Sales & Marketing Manager, Piers Braddock, explains.

So why are we doing this? Over the past 3 years we’ve added a number of new and very strong international brands to our stable, however, we didn’t really put any focus on these brands, and their strengths within the market and we believe that establishing this new brand will give us a fresh start at defining where our different ranges fit in the market New Zealand marketplace.

It doesn’t mean that we are dropping Pacific Wallcoverings Ltd or Vision Wallcoverings from our business. Our legal entity will remain Pacific Wallcoverings Ltd and Vision will remain a brand we assign to our NZ made wallpapers, however, the brand Vision will be limited to a product branding role.

Whilst Aspiring Walls marks a new marketing direction for our company, we will remain New Zealand’s leading manufacturer, importer and exporter of wallcoverings and will continue to lead the market in providing wallcovering solutions that bring strong positive emotional connections for our consumers.

We are passionate about wallcoverings and we see the introduction of Aspiring Walls as representing a new phase in our already rich history in the NZ wallcoverings industry.

For more details, please contact Piers Braddock at or Lauren King

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