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15 May 2016

Aquafire, an innovative NZ brand of heat pump water heaters, has announced it will step in early to offer the equivalent of the pending government grant due to come into effect at the end of this year.

Chris Rankin, Aquafire CEO says while they’re happy the government is providing the same grant scheme they do for solar, making customers wait to save money on their electricity bills for heat pump hot water systems is disappointing. “The Government has for some time said that hot water heat pumps are more efficient than solar, so why wait to award them the same subsidy as solar? They know that, unlike solar, our systems work all year round, day and night without the need of an electric booster.

This is of huge benefit to the country over the winter months when the need to reduce demand on the grid is at its peak. “The subliminal message the government is giving to the public is that solar is superior, whereas we believe heat pump water heaters are the ideal energy saving device for New Zealand conditions. They’re usually cheaper and easier to install as well as being portable for people relocating. It’s time the government supported the industry and provided the grants at the same time as they do for solar,” says Rankin.

Aquafire heat pump water heaters are three times more efficient than a standard water cylinder, equating to savings of up to 67% on hot water costs in an average home. They have been designed by New Zealanders for the NZ market and are the most cost effective split systems available.

Aquafire are offering the equivalent of the government grant to all customers who want to reduce their on-going energy costs earlier than the end of the year. To be eligible for $1,000 off an Aquafire heat pump water heater, people just need to log on to and complete the enquiry form or call 0800 278 234.

Chris Rankin says “This makes an Aquafire heat pump water heater one of the most attractive energy saving investments on the NZ market. It will pay for itself through lower energy bills over an even shorter period of time with the huge discount we’re currently offering.”

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