Canadian Countryside with Escea ST900 Flames

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15 May 2016
Canadian Countryside with Escea ST900 Flames

What started as a simple Google search ended 8,113miles or 13,057km away in New Zealand (figuratively speaking, of course). Herman De Oliveria, a Canadian resident, never imagined his fireplace journey would lead him half way across the world to the Escea ST900.

From the beginning, Herman knew exactly how he wanted his house to look – elegant and minimalistic with neutral tones and hints of colour. However, firstly it was about open spaces and drawing in the beauty of the mountain side.

Mimicking the long lines of the exterior, the kitchen extends from the living room by means of long, polished wooden floorboards and the full-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows. The natural light that pours in brightens the whole room and reflects off the gently toned wall colour to open the space even more. The elongated trend carries into the design of the cabinetry as Herman opted for undivided drawers rather than cupboards, and then further into the marble counter top.

In combination with the blue shades above the marble bench top, the red kitchen rug creates a striking fire and ice visual effect which flows into the living space by means of blue bean bags and a red floor lamp.

To contrast the lighter tones of the room, Herman chose a black, chimney-breast style wall to pull the focus towards the television and the fireplace. Herman envisioned having a fireplace and television housed in one structure. The ST900, a low energy consumption fireplace, is Zero Clearance rated, which makes it safe to install below a TV.

Herman chose a New Zealand River Rock fuel bed for the ST900 to harmonise with the tone of the other design features. The River Rocks provided a natural yet modern feel which was very important from the beginning.

Located just outside of the township, Herman retreats back to the peaceful countryside every night to stoke his fireplace with the push of a button and to settle in and enjoy the picturesque scenery.

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