Control your fireplace from your phone – with Escea Smart Heat

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15 May 2016

The Smart Heat control system by Escea allows you to control your fireplace in ways previously never before available. Escea's unique Smart Heat system allows each fireplace to connect to the internet. You can then turn on your fireplace from any location via a secure web screen or through our iPhone or Android smart phone app. On cold nights you can turn your fireplace on as you begin the drive home so your house is warm and inviting on arrival. The Smart Heat system constantly monitors the temperature in the room and makes adjustments to the fireplace to ensure the room is kept at the exact temperature you have requested. It will automatically ramp the heat output and the room air fan up and down through an infinite range of speeds so the fan is never running too fast or too slow. This makes the fireplace extremely energy efficient and quiet. You have the option of downloading a free iPhone or Android application so your personal smart phone can instantly become your new fireplace remote controller. Now that's smart! The Escea Smart Heat controller which is standard for the DL & DX Series fireplaces is compatible with most home management systems.


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