Gloss, low sheen or something in between

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15 May 2016
Gloss, low sheen or something in between
Gloss Levels fanned deck

The way a paint colour looks can be affected by how much there is of the colour, what other colours are in the space, the lighting and of course the gloss or sheen level.

Colours tinted into high gloss paints appear cleaner and more intense than colours tinted into flat paints. Conversely colours appear muddied and darker in a flat finish than in a glossier finish. When you’re specifying colours it can be hard to envisage the effect of gloss on the colour choice.

To make it easier for you to demonstrate this to your clients, Resene has created The Specifier - Gloss levels fandeck. This handy fandeck shows a selection of popular Resene colours in gloss, semi-gloss, satin, low sheen and flat so you can see at a glance the effect gloss level has on a colour. It also includes handy gloss clear and gloss flat indicators that you can place over the colours you are planning to use to see how they may be affected by a change in gloss level.

The Resene The Specifier – Gloss levels fandeck is available free to Resene specifiers and professional decorators from Resene representatives or request your free copy by emailing us at with your business name and postal address.


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