Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for street and area luminaires

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15 May 2016

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is part of WE-EF’s holistic approach towards environmental, social and economical sustainability of lighting products. The outcomes are two-fold: a reduction of the negative impact of lighting applications on the environment, as well as cost reduction to the end-users and public.

During the LCA process, WE-EF luminaires are assessed across several impact categories; like global warming potential or depletion of fossil energy sources through all stages of a product life cycle.

The results are published in an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which is independently certified.

Currently EPDs are available for fifteen WE-EF street luminaires including VFL530, PFL240 LED and RMC320 series.

With specialized software various installation scenarios are further analysed for environmental footprint - leading to sustainable and cost-efficient product choices.


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