Lighting the way to a revitalised Carrum foreshore

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15 May 2016
The inspiration for the lighting came from the bioluminescence sparkle found in nature along many coastlines.

The landscape lighting of the redeveloped Carrum foreshore has played a pivotal role in the successful upgrading of this seaside suburb shore precinct.

In 2012 the City of Kingston (Victoria) made the decision to upgrade the Carrum foreshore precinct, concurrent with the construction of a new Life Saving Club, to create an innovative and exciting area for residents and visitors.

The project – which comprised a new pedestrian 'breezeway' link from the Patterson River through to the Carrum foreshore precinct – involved a combination of elevated timber boardwalks and conventional paths, a children’s playground, an open deck with lavatories and shelters as well as the upgrading of the car park and access road lighting. The final touch was the removal of all overhead electrical infrastructure.

The project team comprised Urban Initiatives (landscape architect), 2B Designed (lighting designers) and the City of Kingston’s Parks Department – a team with proven successes and a solid understanding of each other's capabilities. WE-EF provided light fittings for the breezeway, car park and roadway areas.

David Bird from 2B Designed said: “It was a very open brief in that the Council confirmed the elements and limitations of the project, and requested that we create some magic at night for the residents as well as to attract visitors from the nearby main road and railway station”.

Kire Bogoevski from 2B Designed explained that his inspiration for the lighting came from the bioluminescence sparkle found in nature along many coastlines. He created this effect with random LED marker lights supported by tight pools of illumination on the boardwalk through the breezeway between the clubhouse and lavatory block. The washing of the breezeway with “Kingston Blue” uplighting helps to create the illusion of swimming under water. The deck area around the playground is silhouetted with additional blue light grazing the sand, further adding to the near-water experience.

In re-designing both the car park and roadway lighting, consulting the adjacent residents was seen as a critical aspect. As part of this process, a mock-up was set up in March 2012 to confirm the design details as well as to obtain the approval of the residents. The design intent was to ensure that the fittings and poles had minimal visual impact on the residents by day. The use of inbuilt motion detectors ensures that the illumination is sufficient (P11C) when there is traffic in the car park, and reduced (P3) at all other times during the evening.

High-quality LED fittings were chosen for the project due to their low maintenance requirements and superior lighting characteristics - the WE-EF VFL540 street and area lighting luminaires.

The finish, both for the aluminium poles and the luminaire fittings, is discrete and integrates well with the natural ambience of the Carrum foreshore. WE-EF uses marine-grade aluminium with a low-copper content for all poles and pole mounted fittings, in addition to its unique 5CE superior corrosion protection system, to ensure longevity and reliability in extreme environmental conditions.

The same quality-constructed 'timber-clad' aluminium poles installed in the playground area provide an aesthetic link with the timber boardwalk and furniture along the breezeway.

The overall landscape and lighting design has met the council’s objective of revitalising the Carrum foreshore and making it more appealing to residents and visitors alike from the perspectives of greater safety, usability and sustainability.


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