Mercer Interiors appoints Seymours as ambassadors

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15 May 2016

Mercer Interiors is re-energising itself ahead of a projected building boom in New Zealand with a new distributorship of Wilsonart laminates, exciting new sinkware ranges and the appointment of two well-known ambassadors.

Mercer CEO Rodger Shepherd said “we want to keep building stronger ties with the community and by working with Canterbury Netball in particular, we are really pleased to appoint well known sporting couple, Julie and Dallas Seymour as ambassadors for the next two years. We believe Julie and Dallas have a great attitude to life and share many of the same traits as Mercer aspires to, hence the fit with Mercer is ideal.”

Julie and Dallas will assist the company to raise its profile in the Christchurch market and help communicate the benefits of buying a high quality locally made kitchen.

Julie says she and Dallas are thrilled to be on board with Mercer Interiors. “We love the fact that the company sets high standards and has a great sense of community – both traits which we value highly ourselves.

“We also love the fact that Mercer is Christchurch-based. Christchurch is our home, and has been for a long time, and we are committed to this special place. It has been through a tough time and it is great to be involved with a company committed to helping people to rebuild their homes, which is such an important part of their lives.”

Mercer Interiors, which is a division of the 130-year-old Mercer Group, is well known as a manufacturer of sinkware and stainless steel kitchen tops, but has recently added laminate to its sales mix.

Hayden Searle, General Manager of the Interiors Division, said: ”We believe the Wilsonart range of kitchen benchtop laminates is without peer in NZ and we are delighted to add this to our Mercer portfolio. We are also retooling our manufacturing base in Christchurch to provide a new modern range of sinkware that is about to be launched into the New Zealand market in the next few months.

“Traditionally Mercer has been a supplier to our customers. Now we want to be a partner with them, delivering ideas, products and services that allow people to express themselves in this important space. The kitchen area is really the centre of the house. It is the busiest area of the home, it is the crossroads for a busy family and it is also an entertainment area with guests.

“We want to be able to deliver a wide range of kitchen options to meet their personal choice and design,” he said.

Hayden Searle said that Mercer Interiors has increased its sales staff over the past few months as it embarks on its strategy of forming closer working relationships with its customers.

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