New installation projectors for high end audio visual

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15 May 2016
New installation projectors for high end audio visual

New G Series for medium to large locations has integrated edge blending for curved and corner screens, 360-degree installation flexibility, up to WUXGA resolution and HDBaseT connectivity.

Auckland, 9 April 2013: Epson's new G Series single-lamp, high bright projectors provide advanced custom installation capabilities for corporations, higher education institutions, galleries and museums, houses of worship, and rental and staging companies in medium to large locations.

With six diverse models the G Series offers a selection of advanced features such as integrated edge blending for curved and corner screens, 360-degree installation, up to WUXGA resolution, six optional lenses and connectivity options that include HDBaseT, HD-SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort connections on the same projector.

Delivering up to 7000 lumens of colour brightness and up to 7000 lumens of white brightness from a single lamp, the Epson G Series from the world's leading maker of projectors1 is brighter, more advanced and has a more contemporary design than the previous G Series projectors.

"The new G Series incorporates advanced technologies from both Epson's world leading home theatre projector range and the Z Series auditorium and digital signage range, such as frame interpolation to deliver sharper and smoother pictures during fast motion videos, and the Emmy® award-winning video processing technology Faroudja DCDi® chipset to enhance film-to-video quality," said Bruce Bealby, Business Unit Manager - Visual Imaging, Epson Australia.

"The single lamp brightness up to 7000 lumens, HDBaseT and HD-SDI connectivity options, six optional lenses including a short throw lens, the flexibility of 360 degree installation and Epson's renowned 3LCD C2Fine™ technology for life-like colour reproduction and projector reliability make the G Series easy to install and maintain in all medium to large locations," said Bruce.

HDBaseT carries full HD video, audio, network and control commands all on a single CAT-5/6 cable that can be extended up to 100 metres, eliminating additional cables, signal repeaters and reducing installation costs. The EB-G6900WU also has HD-SDI, which is the standard for transmitting uncompressed broadcast-grade HD video and signals, predominantly used in professional television studios.

All models feature integrated edge blending technology making it easy to use multi-screen projection and achieve a seamless panoramic image, allowing colour and brightness to match perfectly even in areas that overlap. The EB-G6900WU also has advanced edge blending with curved surface and corner wall support that can be used at the same time, allowing projection on horizontal or vertical walls to create impressive out-of-box multi-dimensional experiences.

The G series is also capable of stacked 3D solutions using special polarised filters creating extra bright 3D images with low-cost polarised 3D glasses.

With the flexibility to be installed in any direction around the full 360 degrees for off-axis positioning the G Series projectors are versatile, allowing for projecting on the ceiling or floor or as part of a rear-projection system. The new chassis and cooling system keep the projector running without compromising performance or causing overheating.

Connectivity options vary according to model and include: HDBaseT2, HD-SDI2, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, BNC and LAN, offering easy integration with virtually any system.

New and upgraded features benefiting high-end custom installations include: o Short throw lens: With zoom and lens shift capabilities o Advanced adjustment capabilities: Includes colour uniformity and pixel alignment adjustments o Lens shift lock: Prevents natural lens shifting due to vibration and/or gravity o Advanced Split Screen with two digital inputs: Two side-by-side windows and three layout options; video and presentation materials run simultaneously

o Remote Control: Improved remote includes three user buttons for added customisation

The international standard for colour brightness (measuring red, green and blue luminance) published by the Society for Information Display (SID) allows consumers to compare projector colour brightness without the need for a side-by-side shootout. ( for further information)

For a truly impressive image projectors need to produce both high colour brightness and high white brightness. High colour brightness enables an even brighter colour image for larger screen sizes and on a larger variety of screen materials. Without sufficient colour brightness, images may be muddy, soft and lose detail, even in a dark room. Whether projecting a presentation, interactive lesson or movie, Epson projectors deliver consistently high colour brightness and white brightness, allowing users to view life-like reproduction of any content.

The new Epson G-series are are available from selected Epson resellers and dealers from mid-April.

Model Brightness (white light / colour light ) lumens Resolution Case Colour Connectivity RRP

EB-G6050W 5,500/5,500 WXGA White HDMI/DisplayPort $6,599

EB-G6250WNL 6,500/6,500 WXGA White HDMI/DisplayPort $6,599

EB-G6350NL 7,000/7,000 XGA White HDMI/DisplayPort $7,049

EB-G6550WUNL 5,200/5,200 WUXGA White HDMI/DisplayPort $7,499

EB-G6750WUNL 6,000/6,000 WUXGA White HDMI/DisplayPort/HDBaseT $9,149

EB-G6900WUNL 6,000/6,000 WUXGA Black HDMI/DisplayPort/HDBaseT/HD-SDI $9,699

NL = no lens included

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