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15 May 2016

Seminars are being held in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington in July to explain how to use the new SA-2009 Subcontractors Agreement.

The Master Builders subcontract agreement SC1 has been the standard building subcontract for many years during which it has undergone numerous revisions and been used in different forms. A working group comprising representatives of the Registered Master Builders Federation and the Specialist Trade Contractors Federation was formed to develop a new standard form of subcontract.

The group included senior staff from Hawkins Construction, Fletcher Construction, Mainzeal Construction and Foster Construction as well as representatives from Electrical, Precast, Reinforcing and Roofing Subcontracting Industries.

The resulting document “Subcontract Agreement SA-2009” has been published. It received ministerial endorsement on November 2009 and Master Builders have withdrawn SC1 in favour of SA-2009. The new 34 page document is simple and easy to use, but like any new legal document, it needs to be understood to be used properly. It should benefit all subcontracting industry participants, by reducing administration costs, reducing disputes, and improving relationships.

This seminar will give participants an understanding of the document and they will leave knowing how to use it properly and obtain the full advantage available from it.

Seminar Dates

Christchurch Monday 26 July 2010 Wellington Tuesday 27 July 2010 Auckland 29 July 2010

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