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15 May 2016
News from design denmark
Designer of the IQ Light - Holger Strøm

'IQ Light Night - Build, Hang, Enjoy' At 6pm on 21st of July

We are aware a number of people are challenged by the thought of assembling the IQ Light by Holger Strøm. Come and enjoy an evening to learn how to assemble your light in various ways. On the night you will receive a FREE goodie bag, with complementry wine and cheese.

Space is Limited. Booking price depends on the size of the IQ Light you would like to purchase.

To book simply CLICK HERE

Colour CORDinate with Louis Poulsen's NEW series Toldbod

Louis Poulsen´s new Toldbod pendant series comes in the wonderful colours found in Scandinavia´s nature. Profusion of flowers, berries, morning mist, and mackerel skies. It lends a fresh, Scandinavian breath to any interior design. The small-sized Toldbod pendant is envisioned to be both decorative and functional, ideal for placing the kitchen, over work areas or for illuminating focal points in a room.

Finishes include Black Berries (black/high-lustre), misty blue (pale blue/high-lustre), yellow blossom (yellow/high-lustre), grey thunder (graphite/powder coated texture) and cloudy white (white/high-lustre). Cords are not interchangeable.

Material: Spun aluminium

Tom Rossau is nominated for Boligmagasinet's Best Danish Designer award!

Every year the Danish magazine "BOLIGMAGASINET" hosts a Design Award. Tom Rossau has been nominated as "best Danish designer" with four other Danish Designers including heavyweights Cecilie Manz and Kasper Salto. The award will be decided on the 9th September. Tom Rossau says he is thrilled to be nominated and excited to see what the outcome will be!

Spicing up a classic - Louis Poulsen PH 50

After 50 years of glare-free illumination, the PH 5 is celebrating its 1958 conception by introducing an exciting new spin-off, the PH 50. The PH 50 captures the spirit of the 4-shade design but spices up the classic luminaire with five new color options – Chili Red, Mint Blue, Wasabi Green, Coconut White and Olive Black. The PH 50’s vibrant flair comes not only from the five color options but also from its new lustrous finish. While the classic PH 5 was designed with a matte finish, the PH 50 has glossy surfaces that reflect light off the colored shades. The PH 50 adds a colorful decorative element to any space.

The pendant was designed to hang low above a table while at the same time giving a moderate light to the surroundings. The design of the visible reflectors ensures that light is directed both vertically and horizontally. Regardless of how the lamp is installed and no matter which incandescent bulb it is furnished with, the PH 5 was and is completely glare-free.

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