Pacific Door Systems announce a new range of acoustic doorsets

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15 May 2016
Pacific Door Systems announce a new range of acoustic doorsets
The interior of the Pacific Door Systems Ltd., two-chamber acoustic laboratory

Pacific Door Systems’ new ‘AD’ range gives specifiers the ability to mix and match requirements such as the size of vision panels, frame types and surface finishes and still achieve acceptable STC/Rw ratings.

“We developed our first acoustic doorsets back in 1990,” says Derek Pearson, Managing Director of P.D.S. “in  an unused acoustic chamber at the D.S.I.R Seaview.” These single leaf doorsets became the SPA range, covering STC ratings from 34–43.

“Twenty years later, the SPA range was due for retirement due to the exponential demand for increasingly sophisticated acoustic doorsets,” Pearson continues, “but the D.S.I.R acoustic lab was no more… and PDS, by now well established in New Zealand’s commercial construction industry, was able to assign a three person development team to build its own in-house acoustic testing facility, and to develop and test a brand new range.”

The two-chamber accoustic laboratory was designed by a leading Acoustic Engineering  Consultancy in compliance with ISO 140-1, and built at the PDS premises. The facility is used to test full size product in accordance  with ISO 140-3, using Norsonic microphones and sound level meter and Norbuild software.

After 15 months of intensive testing and development the first section of the new ‘AD’ range is ready for release. The initial release of single leaf doorsets is available from May 1, 2012. In late 2012, these will be joined by AD series pairs, a new fire/acoustic single and pair unit, and a 50 plus STC/Rw sound attenuation unit.

Lightweight AD100.
Interior flush-panel doorset hung in timber or steel frames, achieving STC/Rw 35 for general use. This doorset is designed to replace the old SPA 34 and is priced to compete with solid core doors and proprietry seals, which achieve a lesser rating.

Medium-Weight AD200.
Interior doorset hung in timber or steel frames, offering up to STC/Rw 36–38. This unit can also  be incorporated into the PDS ‘hospital series,’ or become a commercial-quality exterior unit rated to STC/Rw 40.

Medium-Weight AD300.
Robust interior doorset hung in timber or steel frames, achieving 40 STC/Rw. Can be incorporated into the PDS ‘hospital series.’  Bridges the commercial cost gap between AD200 and AD400.

Medium-Weight AD400.
Medium-Weight AD400. The ‘Flagship’ of our range. Robust, interior doorset hung in timber or steel frames, offering STC/Rw 43 for any environment.

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