Philips achieves new OLED performance levels

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15 May 2016
Philips achieves new OLED performance levels
Philips Lumiblade OLED GL350 panel

Philips also presents three-dimensional and interactive OLED lighting design installations, key features of new Lumiblade OLED lighting solutions to be launched in 2012

Frankfurt, Germany – Philips continues to lead the market in making OLED lighting brighter, larger and available for broader use with the introduction of its new high performance OLED panel at Light + Building 2012.

Philips’ Lumiblade OLED GL350 panel offers an unprecedented combination of lumen output and size at an attractive price-performance ratio, making OLED lighting more viable than ever before for general lighting applications.

‘’Philips’ new Lumiblade OLED GL350 panel offers the beauty of OLED lighting in combination with high quality light, for use in general lighting applications,’’ said Dietrich Bertram, General Manager of OLED Lighting at Philips. “To illustrate, in the past this level of light output with OLEDs was only possible with twelve panels, but it is now possible with just three.’’

Each square GL350 OLED panel offers a lumen output of 115 lumens and a size of 155 cm2, approximately three times larger than any existing OLED panels. It is available in sets of 3 panels, offering a combined light output of 350 lumens.

Philips is demonstrating creative general lighting applications of the new Lumiblade OLED GL350 panel on its booth at Light + Building: an OLED chandelier and a decorative lighting design installation simulating the descent of snowflakes from the sky.

Philips LivingSculpture Kinetic OLED Installation at Light + Building 2012 Partnering with the design group WhiteVoid, Philips presents a spectacular light installation at Light + Building 2012, the LivingSculpture Kinetic OLED installation. It is composed of 864 Lumiblade OLEDs in triangular form and spans 6 meters. The thin OLEDs blend in with the frames of the installation, making it an incredibly thin plane of light that floats freely in space.

Philips’ Lumiblade OLEDs allow OLED lighting to be used as a material – rather than as a light source alone – for creative lighting applications. OLED offers unprecedented design possibilities thanks to its thin form and diffused light, and Philips partners with designers and architects, working with them to shape light in new forms.

Philips LivingShapes Interactive Wall The LivingShapes interactive wall reacts to movement in front of it, which is translated into light impulses that illuminate the room in an atmospheric light. Other features include text displays, a video interface and a microphone which transforms surrounding noise into light displays. The LivingShapes interactive wall also distinguishes itself by its modular design. Numerous panels can be arranged either side by side or on top of one another, thus quickly creating an illuminated surface of several square meters, offering designers flexibility in the creation of lighting installations.

Selected by the Messe Frankfurt as one of the “Lighting Trends of the Future” Philips’ LivingShapes interactive OLED wall is on display in the passage between halls 5.1 and 6.1 (next to the Philips Consumer Lighting booth in hall 5.1).

New Philips Lumiblade OLED launches in 2012 Philips will take interactive OLED lighting even further with the launch of the LivingShapes interactive mirror in 2012, designed to enhance retail showrooms and enhance ambience in a hospitality setting. Philips’ LivingSculpture 3D module system will also be launched in 2012 and will enable designers to bring all three dimensions of space to their OLED lighting installations for the first time.

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