Philips LED replacement for the common 60 watt light bulb

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15 May 2016
Philips 12 watt Master LEDbulb

Philips unveiled the new dimmable 12 watt Master LEDbulb, the industry’s first LED replacement for a 60 watt incandescent light bulb, one of the most common light bulbs used in New Zealand.

The Master LEDbulb is ideal for 24/7 spot and general lighting applications in the hospitality and retail industries which have public areas that need to be kept well lit, because of its exceptionally long life, high performance and low energy consumption.

“Over the course of one year and based on a 24/7 operation, the 12 watt Master LEDbulb will save businesses over $40 per light bulb. There are also significant savings on maintenance costs as the bulbs do not need to be replaced as often because they last 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs,” said David Procter, Marketing Manager, Philips Lighting NZ.

Unlike other environmentally friendly bulbs currently available in the market, the Master LEDbulb instantly produces a full light as soon as it is switched on, is dimmable and creates the warm, white light people desire, without compromising quality.

Key features of the Philips 12 watt Master LEDbulb include:

• Energy efficiency: It offers energy savings of up to 80% when compared with an incandescent light bulb. Over 198 kilograms of carbon emissions are saved over the course of each bulb’s lifetime.

• Long lifetime: It has a life span of approximately 25,000 hours, as opposed to a standard 60 watt incandescent bulb which is rated at around 1,000 hours.

• Safety features: The bulb is compliant with RoHS (Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances) regulations, meaning it contains no mercury or any other hazardous substances. The bulb does not emit any ultra-violet or infra-red rays so there is a safer exposure of light and illuminated items do not fade.

• Innovative design: The bulb uses remote phosphor technology to deliver the same instant soft white light and shape people are familiar with in an incandescent bulb, and are also dimmable with recommended dimmers.

“We’ve really set the standard for producing a product that is not only environmentally responsible but innovative in design and quality. The 12 watt Master LEDbulb provides users instant plug-in savings, through extended life and reduced energy and maintenance costs, in comparison with traditional bulbs,” said Mr Procter.

The 12 watt Philips Master LEDbulb RRP NZ80.00 and will be available for purchase from electrical wholesalers in New Zealand from November 2010.


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