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15 May 2016

Philips is providing energy-efficient light bulbs for sports clubs across New Zealand to help them improve their environmental footprint and save money for sports, as part of the LiteClub initiative.

As a world leader in energy-efficient lighting, Philips is supporting LiteClub, which is part of Project Litefoot – a charitable trust championed by seven top sports people who are inspiring New Zealanders to be environmental champions. Conrad Smith, Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell, Michael Campbell, Barbara Kendall, Daniel Kareopa and Brendon McCullum have been activating community sports clubs to follow their lead by measuring and reducing their environmental impact.

LiteClub involves a dedicated team who visit community sports clubs to install free energy-saving products (lighting, tap aerators and insulation). An eco-design advisor also assesses the club in detail and LiteClub produce an Environmental Impact Report which sets out a range of recommendations to reduce further impact. LiteClub will help implement the additional changes, if the club wishes.

For many sports clubs, a simple switch in lighting can result in large savings on their power bill. For example, a Philips Tornado CFLi light bulb uses only 20W of power, so replacing a 100W incandescent bulb with one, will save around $20 per bulb per year according the the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA)[1]. Philips’ Tornado lightbulbs can also last up to eight times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.[2]

“Philips is pleased to support LiteClub as an effective new way of helping communities improve their environmental footprint, and save on energy costs,” says David Procter of Philips Lighting.

To date 127 clubs have been transformed by LiteClub and collectively they have saved more than 2 million kWhs of electricity – which equates to a saving of over $590,000 in energy costs – as a result of the lighting, tap aerators and insulation that have been installed.[3]

“LiteClub runs promotions in club newsletters which encourage club members and their families to make the same positive changes at home, and also create fundraising opportunities for clubs,” says Hamish Reid, Co-Founder, Project Litefoot.

LiteClub is an entirely free service for sports clubs made possible by support from Ministry for the Environment, ASB Community Trust and The Lion Foundation.

All community sports clubs can sign-up for LiteClub via their website,

[1] EECA:

[2] Based on average lifetime of 8000 or 4 years at 5.5 hours use per day

[3] Figures calculated using the Ministry of Economic Development’s 2012 Data File


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