SKOPE provides great commercial refrigeration solution

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15 May 2016
SKOPE provides great commercial refrigeration solution
Good Group's Queenstown Airport bar.

When Good Group, a Queenstown-based hospitality company, had their architects design a circular bar for a premium location in Queenstown International Airport, there was only one commercial refrigeration company considered capable of designing and developing refrigeration to fit – SKOPE.

As owners of a number of premium bars across New Zealand, Good Group was committed to using products that were made to last, and were looking for a supplier that had a wide range of products, plus the ability to customise when required.

Good Group’s Project Manager, Adam Downey, says the architect’s brief was to design a premium bar that provides customers with maximum views out over the airport. The architect came back with a circular design to suit the high profile space allocated.

“We chose SKOPE as they are the best brand in New Zealand when it comes to creating customised refrigeration. The team at SKOPE took on the challenge of a circular bar eagerly, and the result is a striking bar area that is one of the first things visitors to Queenstown see, and the last when they leave,” says Downey.

SKOPE’s Norm Phillips, of the refrigeration sales team, says SKOPE worked closely with Good Group throughout the concept stage of the project to ensure the customised plans met the client’s requirements exactly.

“This initial stage requires a lot of concept and technical drawing, and it’s imperative to get it right. Later, during the manufacturing stage, we supplied the client with photographs of our progress, so they could visualise what the end product would look like,” explains Phillips.

SKOPE’s Custom’s team thrive on developing solutions to challenging projects, and this circular bar was no exception. Richard Goldsbury, Product Support Engineer, says it was the first circular cabinets made by SKOPE, so it was a case of trial and error in the initial stages of the design.

For some customised jobs we work with products that are already designed, and we then alter the fridges to suit the specifications. For this project, however, we made the four cabinets from scratch. It’s great to see them finished and in location,” says Goldsbury.

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