The Falcon 8200 Series Automatic Operator

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15 May 2016
The Falcon 8200 Series Automatic Operator
The Falcon 8200 Series Automatic Operator

Auckland, New Zealand – May 30, 2011 – Tough enough for high use areas while elegant enough for interior spaces, the new commercial grade Falcon 8200 Series Automatic Operator by Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies is the smart choice for industries where a reliable and tough door operator is critical.

This new addition to the Falcon range is one of the most cost effective solutions available for assisted living environments, retail, hospitality, and any application where interior doors require added assistance.

Everything you need to install the Falcon 8200 is in the box, making installation as quick and easy as possible. All necessary features are built-in making configuring simple and you can make more openings accessible than ever before.

This intelligent system has many user friendly features such as sensing and overcoming external pressure conditions through graduated energy assistance for secure latching, open position learning to prevent wall and door damage, and obstruction detection preventing damage to doors and users.

The Falcon Automatic Operator is not only user friendly, but installer friendly with an on-board power supply, one-piece mounting bracket, non-handed motor gearbox, and fastening notches for faster installation.

For more information on the new Falcon 8200 Series from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, visit or phone 0800 477 869.


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