WE-EF launches the VFL540 LED streetlight

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15 May 2016
WE-EF launches the VFL540 LED streetlight
VFL540 LED streetlight

With the new VFL540 LED streetlight, WE-EF offers future-proof and cost-efficient LED streetlighting that can be used in a wide variety of situations.

The modular design ensures that each component of the luminaire can be replaced, including the LEDs.  Sustainable, long-lasting corrosion protection is guaranteed by WE-EF’s 5CE corrosion protection technology.

The VFL540 has advanced control options; ranging from simple power saving dimming systems to complex asset management systems. For effect; Planners can choose from cool white light (when the aim is functional lighting) or warm white light (when the aim is ambience). With the VFL540 the choice is yours.

The VFL540 provides a wonderful alternative for communities to convert their street and area illumination to efficient, future-proof LED lighting technology from WE-EF.


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