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15 May 2016

Epson, the number-one selling projector brand worldwide, makes the walls in every meeting, class, training and boardroom into potential networked touch-screen multimedia resources with the launch today of the Epson 450Wi, the world's first interactive ultra short throw projector.

The Epson 450Wi is an intelligent and highly flexible presentation and learning tool that turns any smooth, hard surface into a versatile and functional communication tablet.

Because no special display surface is needed the Epson 450Wi has few constraints on image size and provides one of the largest interactive touch-screens available - a 16:10 widescreen image between 55 inches and 96 inches diagonal in native WXGA format - allowing highly detailed presentations to be seen clearly by everyone in the room.

And its ultra-short throw configuration maximises room use and minimises eye glare and overshadowing of the wall by delivering an 80 inch diagonal 16:10 image with the Epson 450Wi positioned just 24cm's from and slightly above the display surface.

A digital infra-red pen complements the conventional computer keyboard and mouse to allow full interactivity with the display, with users able to launch network stored multimedia files, access online resources, run programs, and capture hand-written annotations on the Epson 450Wi's display.

Any software program using mouse and keyboard controls can be operated using the Epson 450Wi's infrared pen including teaching software, CAD programs, digital media creators and players, graphics programs and web browsers.

The Epson 450Wi also provides open compatibility with virtually any interactive software program, allowing users to incorporate and share creative and engaging content from multimedia, digital media files, online content, ebooks, and more without the need for interface programs.

The Epson 450Wi features 2,500 lumens white light output and 2,500 lumens colour light output and has a range of advanced connectivity options including Ethernet, RS232, USB and s-video.

It also delivers WXGA resolution (16:10 aspect ratio) for full compatibility with widescreen notebooks and movie content, and can easily accommodate the space needs of any room by projecting images from 55-inches diagonal to up to 96-inches diagonal (WXGA), and up to 85-inches diagonal (XGA).

Using the Epson 450Wi in several rooms, presenters and trainers can deliver multimedia content over a wired (using RJ-45 connectivity) network to multiple locations, creating savings in time and training resources.

The Epson 450Wi is the flagship of Epson's ultra-short throw projector range that includes the EB-410W, the EB-450We, and the EB-460e, that minimise eye glare and overshadowing of the board, plus added features that make presentations and training easier and more convenient. All Epson ultra-short throw projectors include the integrated wall mount for simple and easy installation and operation.

The Epson EB-410W has high precision lens which allows it to project a 60 inch screen from as close as 62cm, has WXGA resolution [1280 x 800 pixels], and is easily networkable.

The Epson EB-450We has numerous security features that suit a classroom or education environment, delivers up to 2500 lumen of white light output and 2500 lumen of colour light output, and comes with a 3 year projector and 1 year lamp warranty.

The Epson EB-460e delivers a powerful 3000 lumen of white light output and 3000 lumen of colour light output, has numerous security features that suit an education or training environment, and provides a direct connection with Epson's Document Camera/Visualiser, the ELP-DC06

The EB-450We RRP is $3,799 (inc GST), the EB-460e RRP is $4,199 (inc GST) while the interactive EB-450Wi RRP is $4,799 (inc GST).

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